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Grand Prix 1999

Grand Prix 2000

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View of Enron Field from our Seats
View of Turn #2 from Grandstand "G"
Big Dave's Profile
Big Dave says... Beer is not just for breakfast anymore!
Watching the cars warm up for Trials
Dave with the Bud Girls! Check out the legs!!
Close up of Indy cars
Inside the Paddock
Great View of the Pits from Paddock... Thx to our sneaky photographers!
Monster Trucks are for Everyone...
Roger Penske!
Cart Qualifying...
Cart Qualifying...
View of the GRB...
Cart Qualifying...
Cart Qualifying...
The Gang's All Here!!
Cart Qualifying...
Cart Qualifying...
Mr.Ammerman......................................................... Up Close and Personal
Erin is a long way down there...
Scott needs sun block
In the paddock... Team "Franchetti" at work
Miller Lite & Shell teams working together
The Marlboro cars...
Dave met Micheal Andretti in person
Dona kissing Mike... lucky guy!
Check out Nick & Andrea!
TA & his spousal unit, Carolyn & one of our fabulous photographers... Dona
Dave needs to stretch his legs.......Breakfast Day #2
Great view of the Four Season from our seats
Close up of Turn #2
Nick & Clay
Racing is on!
Through the turn...
This dude needs to wear his shirt!
Getting the Rita recipe from Bob at Senora del Norte
Dave, Ed & BMIDa World enjoying the Ritas!
I married a blonde chick, and I luv er
Great ambience at the Rita place
Scott finally put his shirt on... and we are no longer embarrassed.
BMIDW - Houston's premier "Entertainment Director" Up Close and Personal
Creskin Meskin & the BMIDW enjoying Ritas & cuban cigars!
BMIDW co-ordinating the next Party
BMIDW co-ordinating tonight at Cadillac
BMIDW co-ordinating Party tonight after Cadillac
The State of Texas or a bunch of skulls?
Some nice Deputies giving rides in a golf cart. These dudes brought us over to to the bar in the golf cart.
Ed & Nick lighting up gars at the Cadillac. I love it when a plan comes together.
The gang made it to the Cadillac, a great place to get a champ car race started (and a bachelorette party) known by Betsy and Leticia
Enjoying great ritas & food...Where is the "Tequilla Lady", we need a nurse!
Our fine photographers finally caught not working behind the camera!
Don & Clay discovered the Ritas at the race
Close up on the fine job BMIDW did on Erin's hat
Saturday night at the Ammerman's
Scott & Leticia's crazy son at the Party
Scott & Leticia's other crazy son at the Party
Race Day pictures...
You have to go around them, not over them!
Race Day pictures...
Race Day pictures...
Race Day pictures...
Kudos to Vasser & company for a great weekend. Dave & Erin won the side bet...lucky dogs!



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